Monday, January 24, 2005

Rant, Rave and the MidWest

Hey everyone,

Well, let me first say, I got a comment from a Midwestern and I should say that yes, you are correct: Minnesota and Wisconsin did vote Democrat in the election. But they were also a swing state for most of the election. But I am glad they did vote. You guys made those voting against Bush stay up later than we intended. Thank you Ohio.

So, now that that is out of the way....

Quick Movie Review: The Aviator-- looked great but something was missing. Entertaining but Leo DiCap is just too young to play anything other than... a boy. He's 30 and looks 17. Which I guess isn't such a bad thing in 20 years but--- he's a really good actor but he's too young looking. Gwen Stefani looked perfect as Jean Harlow (and wasn't in it enough to distract from the fact that it was Gwen in the movie), Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn was frighteningly good, makes you want to take her off your top 20 list. And Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner looked fantastic, though her relationship with Howard Hughes (Leo) was confusing and not fleshed out enough. I would recommend you seeing it only because there are some incredible shots and also its going to be nominated for Best Picture, whether it will win or not... i dunno.

All i do know is that I enjoyed FINDING NEVERLAND much more as a movie experience. But then, I wasn't that crazy about AMERICAN BEAUTY when it came out either.

Onto other subjects:

Should I discuss my lovely saturday? Hmm... well let's put it this way... to get me angry, you gotta be--- ya gotta fuck up. I'm a pretty patient guy but 30minutes plus of flirting with another guy right in front of me, well, thats where I have my breaking point. I wanted to break a bottle over his head massive fuckin' head... memories... but it was her fault, not his. So, i won't tell you what i did. I iwll save it. You know what, unless someone asks me to continue, I'm going to stop with this story. Will sound so much better if i tell it.

So, tomorrow night, I am doing my first PODCAST with Bicyclemark. Don't know if it will be up here so on Wednesday go to and find the newest podcast. I'm sure the Saturday night story will be continued. It will make for a fun time to listen to it--- drama, excitement... maybe I should tell the story on the podcast.

Rant of the Day: You know what bothers me most about relationships, that telling someone to go fuck themselves is a no-no. And if you did, you have to phrase it as such: "No offense but i love you but you can go fuck yourself." It loses all its meaning. Relationships that are built on the idea of being able to go tell the other person to go fuck themselves is one that will last for awhile. Mysister and her husband, i think they have Go Fuck Yourself Tuesdays where they get to tell each other to go fuck themselves only on Tuesdays. They seem like they are going fine but hey, what happens if she tells him to go fuck himself on a Thursday? Like my parents.... my mom... shit, what if she reads this--- I love you Mom but fuck me, enough is enough... Mothers have this unique ability to make you want to kill yourself, mainly cos you don't want to hurt them. And your dad didn't do anything--- So I purpose a new day: Go Fuck Yourself Tuesday. Its the one day of the week, which a. sucks cos nothing is on TV, b. still too early in the week for you to get excited about the weekend and c. It sounds really good.

So, I woul dlike to formally introduce to the Republican Controlled Government... no, this should be a world thing: Go Fuck Yourself Tuesday, a day where you can look at your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, close friend, worst enemy and say look: You do this, you do that, go fuck yourself. And they have to say: OK. Thank you for making me aware of that, I will go fuck myself. To make it MORE interesting they cannot return the fuck favor, they have to wait till next week! But if you get them again... well... HAHAHAHA! They have to wait another week and so on and so forth. Also, the rules of the game are as followed: The person has to accept it and try to fix it. So, tomorrow, I will tell all the good people I want to go fuck themselves. You shoudl try it... you might find it as a cleansing of the soul. Go fuck yourself Tuesday is less than 24 hours away!

Finally a Rave: EasyEverything Cafe had a sale on DVDs, 3 for 12.50euro! So I had to decide... i bought and now tell me which doesn't fit: Natural Born Killers, American History X and The Goonies. Good deal and Yes, its The Goonies that doesn't fit. The guy at the counter looked at me like i used to rape small children or something. Anyway--- piece of info: The Goonies called themselves the Goonies because they lived in the "Goon Docks." Now it all makes sense. Anyway. classic movie, one that everyone should see.

OK. Well thats all for today... lookign forward to the Podcast tomorrow and of course: Go Fuckyourself Tuesday.



Blogger Bicyclemark said...

Go fuck yourself tuesday.. so what do I do on monday? OH yeah.. go play in the snow. Oh fuck.. it melted.

January 24, 2005 at 6:20 AM  

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