Wednesday, January 26, 2005

W oh W...

Bush met with some African-American leaders and told them they should come on board for his Social Security plan. His reasoning: Black people die sooner than whites, so they would be better off not putting money into the current system. Wow. The balls on him. Now, don't you think we should focus on why they die sooner than whites? Maybe that shouls be on your agenda Mr. Bush. Or maybe you should sell it in another way... but that's just me.

My favorite lines from Democrats aka The SpinelessCrats: "Ms. Rice, you have messed up Iraq and it is your fault. You have led the country into a dangerous and horrible situation. You should apologize for lying to the American people. As for your confirmation as Sec of State, well, of course we'll promote you. You earned it." I'm paraphrasing of course but doesn't it seem to me that even though SpinelessCrats acknowledge that she has failed, promoting her should be the last thing they do. Makes no sense to me. They say they are using this chance to speak out against her and Iraq but her confirmation is a foregone conclusion. It's like your parents yelling at you for stealing the cookie but then giving you the cookie at the end of the lecture. How would I ever learn my lesson? Makes no sense to me... for more info...




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